Video: Strawberry Pie

Y’all, this video was seriously not planned. I went over to my friend’s house under the assumption I’d be helping make pie from the strawberries she had freshly picked the previous day and take a few photos. Instead, I ended up filming the whole process (and not helping to bake at all) hah. Everything was filmed in about 3 hours and edited in about 5 (it was really something I did not spend a lot of time on because I wanted the product to have a raw, somewhat unfinished feel). My intention for this film was to create a fun visual of summer in the south, picking your own fruit, and choosing the sweetest to bake a simple pie with.


One thought on “Video: Strawberry Pie

  1. I really liked your video… I think the rawness is great! Your photography is wonderful and your recipes look great. I wish my work were as good as yours.

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