Almond Macaroons with Chocolate Almond Ganache Dipped in Dark Chocolate (short film!)

So I know what you’re thinking.

These cookies are u-g-l-y.

While we were piping these bad boys onto parchment they had more than a little resemblance to mini turds.

BUT, that is besides the point because THESE Cookies! AHH!!

Are so damn delicious.


This was my first attempt at making these macaroons and despite their lack luster appearance they are seriously some the most delicious little pieces of heaven. (I’m sure with a little more practice we can get them to look as pretty as they taste.) Biting into one of these cookies is like biting into a little chocolate covered cloud.


(Hold on, let me just have a minute alone with this bowl of sweetened stiff peaks. Salmonella be damned)


I know they may look complicated but I Promise you they are actually pretty easy to make. As long as you are willing to get a tiny bit of an arm workout (those of you with only a whisk or hand mixer) and don’t burn the chocolate then you’re golden.


*One thing I learned the hard way with this recipe if you pull them out of the oven a little early they will fall in on themselves. This recipe called for 10 minutes but ours were a little bigger and took a little longer than that.


This recipe was from The View from the Great Island. (psst. click there)

Thanks to Jenn Gordon of This Will Be Colorful for helping me with this recipe, styling, and who’s pretty little hands are the ones you see working all the kitchen magic in this short film.

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